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Plagiarism: Plagiarism

Plagiarism Tutorials

What is Plagiarism?

Useful PowerPoint presentation which gives examples of what is and is not plagiarism.

Plagiarism Game

Exterminate goblins in this plagiarism game from Lycoming College.

Definition of Plagiarism:

Plagiarizing is presenting someone else's ideas as your own. The word plagiarism comes from the Latin word plagiarius, which means kidnapper. Online Etymology Dictionary

  • Using another’s work, word for word, without providing the source.
  • Copying a report (full or partial) from another student.
  • Insufficiently paraphrase (or summarize) a paragraph without citing the source.

You do not plagiarize if you provide citations for all direct quotations and paraphrase, for borrowed ideas, and for facts that do not belong to general knowledge.

Oklahoma Christian University’s Statement of Academic Honesty:

Academic honesty is crucial in the work you do at Oklahoma Christian University. Unless specified otherwise, all of the assignments must be your own individual work. Please be very careful to avoid any form of cheating or plagiarism. The penalty for a first instance of any form of cheating or plagiarism is a “0” on the assignment. The penalty for a second instance is an “F” in the course. In each instance the offense will be reported to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and to the Vice President of Student Services. If a student receives an “F” in two courses for cheating, he or she will be suspended from the university.

General Advice on Avoiding Plagiarism:

Direct Quotations:

  • Select carefully. Quotations should give weight to your argument.
  • Be sure to integrate all ideas from other sources into our own discussion. Introduce direct quotations with your own words. After quoting, explain the significance of quotations.
  • Avoid quoting more than is needed.


Paraphrasing means to "tell in other words" Online Etymology Dictionary

  • A restatement of a passage in your own words while maintaining the author's meaning.
  • Must document everything you borrow including information and ideas that are not considered general knowledge.
  • Must indicate the source of any material readers might otherwise mistake for your own.
  • If you have any doubts, cite the source.

More on paraphrasing from Owl Purdue

Collaborative Work:

  • If roles were unequal or demarcated, state exactly who did what.
  • If roles were merged and truly shared, equally acknowledge all concerned.

Internet Copyright Infringement:

  • Because of the ease of downloading and duplicating, many people believe the materials are free to be reproduced and distributed at will but this is incorrect.
  • Read carefully any special instructions or restrictions specified in the document or at the site.

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Website / Blog Page is a web based service that allows teachers to check for plagiarism while also providing better and quicker feedback to students. OC students are able to access through their individual Blackboard classes. Your professor will provide further instructions.